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Instructional Videos by Dr. Yang Yang

Please Note: Dr. Yang Yang's instructional videos are in English,
and are available in NTSC format (typical format for American DVD players).

Dr. Yang Yang's Evidence Based Taiji & Qigong Program
Nearly 4 hours of detailed instruction in Dr. Yang's introductory qigong and form program


Dr. Yang Yang's Chen Style 48 Demonstration
48-Movement Form demonstration from multiple angles


Dr. Yang Yang's Silk Reeling Demonstration - Part I
Silk Reeling Exercises 1-15 with Application Demonstrations


Dr. Yang Yang's Silk Reeling Demonstration - Part II
Silk Reeling Exercises 15-30 with Application Demonstrations


Six Healing Sounds
Approx. 1.5 hour instructional and "follow me" DVD
Featuring beautiful meditation music composed specifically for the program


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