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Dr. Yang Yang's Silk Reeling Demostration

Chan Si Jin, often translated as "silk reeling force", is an important aspect of the internal art of taijiquan. Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang often teaches that "the silk reeling force must be present throughout the form." Chen Xin (1849-1929), a 16th generation representative of the Chen family style, also succinctly stated: "taiji is the art of silk reeling."

Video Contents:

In these videos, Master Yang Yang demonstrates how to practice a set of individual silk reeling exercises that were first created by Grandmaster Feng. Key points for each exercise are identified, and examples of the silk reeling movement are shown from the Chen style form as well as examples of push hands or self defense applications. Also included is an introduction in which Master Yang Yang explains the silk reeling force and key points common to all individual exercises. Part 1 contains exercises 1-15; Part 2 contains exercises 16-30.

Practice of the individual silk reeling movements will promote circulation and lubricate the bodies' eighteen "small balls" (i.e. joints). It will also exercise and increase the "elastic force". Correct practice will nurture the internal energy and gradually and steadily increase Qi flow and internal power throughout the body. Practice of the individual exercises will precipitate the "feel" of the spiraling/twining motions of the chan si. Practitioners of all styles can then incorporate this knowledge into their taiji form practice.

Health professionals, such as physical and occupational therapists, are beginning to realize the potential benefits of the individual silk reeling exercises for their clients. With appropriate modifications and instruction, the silk reeling exercises provide excellent means for improving balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, and coordination in special populations.

Intended Audience:

Any internal martial artists interested in learning this essential component of the Chen Style Taijiquan will benefit. Health professionals working with special populations may also use this video as an aid in learning the silk reeling exercises.

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