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Six Healing Sounds by Yang Ying

Using musically timed intervals as an aid to signal inhalation and exhalation, this unique music program is designed to both facilitate learning, and to deepen the practice, of the ancient six healing sounds qigong practice. For each sound, Ying has created meditation music centered around the chordal tonality of the sound. You may purchase the instructional DVD or accompanying music CD separately, or both at a discounted rate.

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Video Contents:

An approximate 1.5 hr video, this DVD includes the following sections:

  • Introduction and History of Six Healing Sounds
  • Posture (applicable for all qigong exercise)
  • Breathing - normal and reverse breathing for Six Healing Sounds practice, and instruction with graphic imagery on how to use the music to coordinate inhalation/exhalation with the music program
  • Learn the Sounds - instruction in how to properly vocalize the six sounds, including information on correct facial structure and exhalation imagery (essential for effortless vocalization of the sounds). Following instruction and a key point summary, you may practice each sound 6 times with Ying in a short "follow me" practice
  • "Follow Me" - an approximate 25 minute uninterrupted practice session including a brief (4 minute) meditation, followed by practice of all 6 sounds

DVD menu links are provided for each of the above sections, and a video sub-menu provides links to instruction for each sound as well as a "key point summary" for quick review of proper methods for vocalizing each sound.

Note: The methods for vocalizing each sound are in accordance with a national conference, held in 2003 in China, in which historians and qigong experts determined standard methods for Six Healing Sounds practice. The instructional DVD is highly recommended for those not familiar with the standard vocalization, facial structure, and exhalation imagery.

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