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Certified Instructor
Leroy Smith

City: Brookyln Leroy Smith
Country: United States
Phone: 917-941-6857
EMail: ltsmith44@gmail.com
Certification Effective: February 7, 2011
Instructor Bio/Qualifications: A former high school mathematics teacher and city planner, Leroy lives in Brooklyn, New York. He holds a Master’s Degree from Pratt Institute in City and Regional Planning. Leroy began training with Dr. Yang Yang in January 2010. His study includes further training with Master Mantak Chia from 1981-1984. And from Guro Doug Pierre(2-time World Arnis Champion), he learned the 24- and 40-Form Yang Style as taught by Master Chen Wei Gun.
Class Information: Leroy teaches both private and group sessions that primarily target “mature adults.” His approach is holistic, integrating nutritional, fitness and lifestyle features in a balanced formation for overall personal development. Leroy’s classes emphasize warm-up exercises, such as those taught by Master Su Zifang, as well as qigong and silk reeling practices that include the 7-Form Evidence-Based Taiji program formatted by Master Yang Yang.


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