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Certified Instructor
Jason Ames

City: Portland Jason Ames
State: Maine
Phone: 207.780.9581
EMail: mainetaichi@gmail.com
Certification Effective: August 1, 2008
Instructor Bio/Qualifications: Jason Ames has been devoted to the study of taijiquan and qigong since 1996. To further develop his knowledge and teaching skills, Jason regularly participates in workshops and teacher training programs. Jason is immensely grateful to all of his past and present teachers. (teacher list available upon request).
Class Information: Jason has been managing the Full Circle Synergy School of T'ai Chi Chuan in Portland, Maine since 2001, where he is part of the teaching staff. In addition, Jason regularly teaches throughout greater Portland via community, recreation, and wellness centers, and offers presentations throughout southern Maine.


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