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Certified Instructor
Professor Ivy Glennon, Ph.D.
University of Illinois
College of Media, Retired

City: Chicago Ivy Glennon
State: Illinois
Phone: 217-722-3536
EMail: ivy.taiji@gmail.com
Certification Effective: August 1, 2008
Instructor Bio/Qualifications: Taiji, qigong and push hands courses with Laoshis Yang Yang and Scott Grubisich, Sept 1998-present.
Annual intensive five day taij and qigong workshops with Dr. Yang 1999-present.
Dr. Yang's teacher certification workshop, Nov 2007. Renewed certification Sept 2013.
Class Information: Teaches beginning Taiji Form and Qigong (EBTQ) through Osher Life-long Learning Program (OLLI), University of Cincinnati http://www.uc.edu/ce/olli.html.


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