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Certified EBQ & EBT Instructor
Ed Matthews

City: Erie No Photo Available
Country: USA
Phone: 814-450-0571
EMail: matthews915@roadrunner.com
Certification Effective: November 2010
Instructor Bio/Qualifications: Ed has known Dr. Yang Yang since the early 90's. Ed started martial art training in 1960 with Judo and JuJitsu. Since 1975 Ed has studied Banhou Yang style, Zheng Manqing Yang style, synthesized Chen, traditional Chen style Taijiquan, Liuhebafa, Baqua, Xingyi, Qinna, as well as qigong and Buddhist meditation.

Ed has a Diploma of Graduation from Grandmaster W.C.C. Chen to teach his style, a certificate to teach Banhou Yang style from Shen Maohui and has been certified in Dr. Yang's Evidence Based Taiji program.
Class Information: Ed currently teaches; group classes in Erie, PA at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, at LECOM Wellness Center (medical school), GECAC (senior) centers in the Erie area and private lessons. Ed teaches at numerous hospitals, rehab, physical therapy centers, as well as, workshops at various taiji locations.

Website: www.bodyawarenesstaichi.com.

Like Ed on his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EdMatthews.Taiji.Qigong.


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