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Following is a list of Certified Instructors and Instructors in Training for Dr. Yang Yang's Evidence-Based Qigong (EBQTM) and Evidence-Based Taiji (EBTTM)programs. Certified Instructors have met training requirements, passed a performance examination, and are current with re-certification requirements. Instructors in training (IITs) have been accepted into the program and have accomplished varying degrees of the required training, but have not completed the written and performance examinations. Biographical and contact information and information about their classes is available by clicking the link on their names. The instructor list is sorted by state (if in the U.S.) or country (if outside of the U.S.), then by city, then by instructors last names.

(Note: this list is not current or complete. A redesign of this website is in planning and we will include the complete instructor list in the new site. If you are an instructor or instructor in training and wish to be listed in the interim, send email to support@wa-qi.com with the relevant information.)

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