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Yang Yang at 2007 EBT teacher certification

Master Yang Yang

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The Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies offers instructor certification in Dr. Yang's Evidence-Based Qigong (EBQTM) and Evidence-Based Taiji (EBTTM) programs. This is the curriculum that Dr. Yang designed when creating a program for research, after asking the question "what are the essential components of traditional training that will yield the most measurable benefit in the shortest amount of time?" The programs are the foundation of Dr. Yang's qigong and taiji practice and teaching.

The Qigong (EBQ) curriculum includes:

  • Static qigong meditations in standing, lying-down, and sitting postures, including instruction in Dr. Yang's unique fuctional meditation program;
  • Traditional dynamic (moving) qigong;
  • and
  • Agility drills (moderate cardio footwork, coordination, and agility training);

The taiji (EBT) curriculum includes instruction in an introductory 7-movement taiji form distilled from the Chen Shi Hunyuan 48-form. The movements were selected by Dr. Yang to be accessible to persons of all ages and physical ability, but challenging enough to yield improvements in motor skill, coordination, and cognitive function.

The intention to obtain instrutor certification is not a requisite for attending the training. Indeed, approximately half of the students who attend are interested in pursuing certification, and the training camp is always a mix of absolute beginners, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. Attendees routinely include Taiji, Qigong, and Yoga practitioners, psychologists, social workers, caregivers, patients, and all persons interested in realizing: 1) the common root of all Eastern energy training, 2) the practical benefits of mind/body/spirit integrative exercise, and 3) the application and integration of practice in daily life. For those interested in the internal martial arts, the course provides the essential foundation for efficient practice, and is designed to instruct in the ultimate purpose of Taiji and Qigong exercise as stated in the classic Taiji Treatise: "With you whole being, develop your life."

Certification is performance-based. Dr. Yang Yang and the Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies' standards are high and attendance does not guarantee certification. The intent of the certification program is quality control, to ensure that the teachings of Dr. Yang Yang are reproduced accurately without dilution of instructions in methods or purpose of practice. Quality will not be sacrificed for quantity.

Follow the links below to find out more about the certification program. To learn more about the camp experience, you can:

Certification Requirements - Quick Links

Is the intention to become a certified instructor a requisite for the training
What are the training requirements for teacher certification?
What are the recommended instructional materials for the training and certification?
When/where is the next teacher certification training event?
How much does it cost?
Who can I contact for more information?
I have completed my requirements. How do I proceed?

Is the intention to become certified a requisite for the training?

Certainly not. Some of the attendees are interested in pursuing instructor certification, while others are just interested in learning. The camp is a mix of absolute beginners, intermediate, and long-time practitioners.

What are the training requirements for teacher certification?

EBQ (Level I Qigong) Certification

  • 32 contact hours with Dr. Yang. Contact hours with Dr. Yang may be fulfilled by: 1) one, five-day intensive EBQ training offered through the Center for Taiji Studies, or 2) combined weekend and 5-day training events at Kripalu Yoga Center in Stockbridge, MA or Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA; plus
  • 100 hours of self-practice after attending the training; plus
  • Successful completion of a written exam (open book - you may take as long as you wish to complet the written exam); plus
  • A performance evaluation with Dr. Yang or one of his senior instructors. The performance evaluation test is usually done via Skype. Testing will not be done at the camp. Certification is performance based and standards are high - attendance at a training event does not guarantee certification. If the first performance test is not successful, you may re-take the test once free of charge.
  • Submit $250 testing fee upon submission of written exam.

After completing the contact hours and 100 hours of self-practice, your will request a written exam via email. We will return the written exam with comments and instructions for completing the performance evaluation.

EBT Certification

  • EBQ certification is required before testing for EBT certification; plus
  • Contact hours: a second five-day intensive EBQ/EBT camp with Dr. Yang (or equivalent weekend and 5-day camps at Kripalu or Esalen) is required before requesting an EBT performance evalualtion. As the certification is performance-based and depending on prior experience, you may petition Dr. Yang to waive the requirement for the second camp, though few have successfully completed the EBT exam after only one camp; plus
  • successful completion of a written exam; plus
  • A performance evaluation with Dr. Yang or one of his senior instructors.
  • Submit $250 testing fee upon submission of written exam.

Re-certification Requirements

Recertification is a crucial aspect of quality control, and will be intially required two years after initial certification. Recertification shall consist of:
  • Continuing Education - At least 10 hours in programs/seminars/camps/trainings/workshops, etc., offered by The Center For Taiji & Qigong Studies (or 20 hours of weekly classes at the CTQS); OR

  • Recertification through examination: A performance exam and interview with Dr. Yang, or a senior instructor, may be used for recertification.

Note: The Center for Taiji and Qigong Studies reserves the right to modify re-certification requirements as deemed appropriate for effective quality control.

Instructional Materials

The following materials are highly recommended for certification examinations and personal knowledge:

When and where are the next EBQTM and EBTTM training events?

  1. The EBQT Essential Camp at the University of Scranton, PA will provide necessary training and contact hours for certification. More information on this camp is provided at the following link: July 15-20, 2018 combined EBQ/EBT training.
  2. The EBQT for Sleep and Anxiety Camp at the University of Scranton, PA will also provide necessary training and contact hours for certification. More information on this camp is provided at the following link: July 20-25, 2018 EBQT for Sleep and Anxiety training.

I have completed my requirements. How do I proceed?

If you have already completed all of your requirements please use this link to Contact us with the subject “Teacher Certification” in the comments section and we will reply with further instructions.


Testing: Each certification performance evaluation with Dr. Yang or a Senior EBQT instructor will cost $250 per Certification Test (i.e. $250 for EBQ, an additional $250 for EBT, etc.) If testing in person in NYC and/or if a studio rental is required, a $45/60 minimum studio rental fee will also apply. A second performance evaluation (i.e. a call-back), if needed, is provided at no additional cost.

Additional Information

Please email us with questions.

2015 EBQ/EBT group photo
2015 EBQ/EBT Group Photo

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