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Tai Chi and Qigong for Stress and Chronic Pain Relief
July 19-24, 2019 at the University of Scranton, PA

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This simple yet effective course combines exercise and functional meditation and is designed to provide participants with tools for transforming stress and reducing pain. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that pain and disease result from blocked, stagnant or deficient energy. For centuries people have practiced tai chi (taiji) and qigong to open energy pathways and promote healing. And for decades Western science has confirmed these results. Regular practice of tai chi and qigong can alleviate stress and anxiety, improve sleep, restore vitality, reduce pain and increase youthful energy and optimism at all ages. In this program Master Yang shares qigong and tai chi practices that are challenging yet gentle enough to be used throughout your life. The tai chi exercises are part of a continuing sequence drawn from Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiqng's Chen 48 form. Return home with a set of straightforward, powerful exercises and meditations to practice daily to cultivate robust health, tranquility and vitality. This course is suitable both for beginners and advanced practitioners.


The curriculum will be two-fold including practices for stress and pain reduction and continuing elements of the Traditional Chen 48 form. (See the Chen 48 form information below.)

Tai Chi and Qigong for Stress and Chronic Pain Relief will consist of Dr. Yang's Functional Meditation as well as carefully selected physical exercises. Functional meditation addresses the roots of daily challenges by understanding, practicing and internalizing what always remains so/true in terms of the nature of things and of human beings. The physical exercises consist of tai chi and qigong exercises—both still and moving—to promote calm, balance, relaxation, and healing energy flow. The tai chi movements are chosen from the classic Chen Tai Chi 48 form.

This simple and fun, yet effective training, blends Chinese philosophy, healing and martial arts with Western science and is specifically designed for self-healing. At the end of this training participants will bring home a complete routine designed to yield significant benefits in a short period of time. A recent NIH-funded study using Yang Yang’s tai chi and qigong program demonstrated significant positive effects on sleep and anxiety, and other high quality studies have documented improvements and even the elimination of chronic pain among participants.

Traditional Chen 48 form – Students will learn Part 2 of this wonderful routine created by Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. However training in the Part 1 is not required.

Non-Certification Track:

The five-day intensive training will help participants at all levels and conditions learn and take home a simple yet effective and complete routine combining Dr. Yang's functional meditation and classic tai chi and qigong exercises to address physical, emotional and spiritual health, including the reduction of stress and chronic pain.

Certification Track:

This course, when combined with EBQT Essential Instructor Certification will allow participants to meet eligibility requirements for EBQT for Stress and Chronic Pain Relief Certification. EBQT Essential Certification is required before obtaining EBQT for Stress and Pain Relief Certification, and it is generally recommended that the essential EBQT course and certification be obtained prior to attending the Stress and Pain Relief Camp. However, one may attend the Stress and Pain Relief Camp first, then attend the EBQT Essential Camp the following year, after which, testing for EBQT Essential and then EBQT for Stress and Pain Relief Certifications may be requested. Note: The intention to obtain instructor certification is not a requisite for attendance - the camp is for all persons interested in learning the essential foundation of Dr. Yang's method for physical, mental and spiritual health. There are no prerequisites for participation in this program.

Note: the intention to obtain instructor certification is not a requisite for attendance - the camp is for all persons interested in learning the essential foundation of Dr. Yang's EBQT for Sleep and Anxiety curriculum.

Application Process

Enrollment will begin in January 2019 and links will be provided for registration for each camp but you may apply for acceptance here.

Logistics / Cost / Admission / Deadlines


Training will be held at The University of Scranton campus, Scranton, PA. Training will be in Leahy Hall (Kane Forum), and on-campus housing will be in Montrone Hall.

A campus map is available here. Montrone is building #37, and Leahy hall is building #6.


Meals will be provided in the "Fresh Food Company" Dining Hall on the third floor of the Denaples Center (building 38 on the campus map.) Vegetarian options will be available. Dinner will be provided on the first evening (Friday, July 19), and breakfast will be provided on the last day (Wednesday, July 24).


There are two options for lodging:

  • On campus lodging: Montorone Hall is a new dorm facility with suite style housing: each suit has four rooms with single beds: two rooms share a bathroom. All suites are air-conditioned. Linens/pillows are provided but we recommend that you bring an (extra long fitted college dorm / twin sized) bed sheet for added comfort. All room reservations will be single occupancy (one person per room, two rooms per shared bathroom). All campers will be housed together on five floors on Montrone Hall. Each suite shares a common kitchen with a refrigerator.

  • Commuting: You are welcome to arrange your own lodging at nearby hotels and commute to camp.

You will indicate your housing preference on the registration form. If you elect to stay on-site, we will make all reservations/arrangements for you and the cost of the lodging/meals will be included in your payment to the Qi Balance LLC. If you elect to commute from a nearby hotel, you will need to make the reservations with the hotel yourself. Commuters will be charged a commuter fee for facility use and meals with tuition payment.


Tuition: Base tuition is $1150, payable to the Qi Balance, LLC. Available tuition discounts are detailed in the pricing grid below. Lodging and meal costs are additional to tuition. Please see available Tuition Discounts outlined below the pricing grid.

Camp Attendance Room & Board Options Tuition Room & Board Total
Full Camp w/ Room & Board $1150 $400 $1550
Full Camp w/o Room & Board $1150 $0 $1150
Full Camp Meals Only $1150 $200 $1350
Full Camp Room Only $1150 $200 $1350
Half Camp (any 3 days) w/ Room & Board $800 $265 $1065
Half Camp (any 3 days) w/o Room & Board $800 $0 $800
Half Camp (any 3 days) Meals Only $800 $135 $935
Half Camp (any 3 days) Room Only $800 $135 $935
1 Day w/o Room & Board $300 $0 $300
1 Day 3 Meals $300 $50 $350

Discounts: The following tuition discounts are available when registering for the full program only. Please note that discounts do not apply to partial camp attendance.

You may apply any or all of the 3 discounts as they may apply to your registration.

  1. Early registration: A $50 discount will be applied toward tuition If $500 down payment is received before May 1, 2019. The balance of the payment (payment in full) is due on or before June 17, 2109.
  2. EBQ or EBT certification: Those with current instructor certifications are eligible for an additional $100 discount.
  3. Previous 5-day camp attendance (2016-2018): Anyone who has attended a 5-day training camp with Dr. Yang from 2016-2018 is eligible for a $100 discount.


Please note: The balance of the payment (payment in full) is due on or before June 17, 2109.

If for any reason you must cancel your registration, a $75.00 application fee will be deducted from your refund. Your deposit will be refunded in accordance with the following policy:

  1. If you cancel before June 15, 2019 your fee will be refunded less the $75 application fee.
  2. If you cancel after June 15, 2109 you will be refunded 50% of your fee less the $75 application fee.
  3. If you cancel after July 7, 2109 you will not be eligible for any refund.

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