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Waiver form for Dr. Yang Yang's Intensive Training Camp
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To register for June camp, please:

  1. Complete and submit the waiver form below

  2. Complete and submit the registration form, and

  3. Submit downpayment or full payment, via check or money order, to Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies, 1408 Mayfair Rd, Champaign, IL 61821. Please do not forward payment to Bob in North Carolina (he lives in Mexico now). You may also pay by either: 1) PayPal account transfer, or 2) credit card. To use a PayPal transfer, please email Scott at scott@centerfortaiji.com for the CTS account. To pay by credit card please request an email invoice from Scott, and indicate whether you would like to pay a downpayment, full-payment, or remainder due. A 3% convenience fee will be added for credit card payments..

Questions regarding this waiver and license agreement may be directed to Mr. Scott Grubisich at info@centerfortaiji.com.

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