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Welcome to camp! Here is additional information about Blowing Rock camp logistics:

How much do I owe?

Please calculate your final payment using the following formula:

[$850 tuition] - [downpayment] - [discount(s)] + [meals & lodging].

Discounts for multiple CTS camp attendees are available and are detailed here. (See Table 2 for applicable 48-form camp discounts).

A total cost calculator is also provided on this page.

Please include a note stating your applicable discount (early registration or multiple CTS training event discounts), if any, with your final payment.

Meals & lodging costs (for the entire week) are as follows:
  • Cabins - $290
  • Lodge - Single Occupancy - $515
  • Lodge - Double Occupancy - $375 per person
  • Commuter Rate (meals only) - $155
  • Tent Camping - $260

Final payments are due by July 20, 2015. Please make the checks payable to Center for Taiji & Qigong studies and mail to Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies, 1408 Mayfair Rd, Champaign, IL 61821.

Please note that if you requested a double occupancy lodge but do not have a planned roommate, we will try our best to accommodate but if there are no other similar requests we will have to place you in a single lodge or cabin.

Each cabin has one master bedroom and a room with several bunk beds. It is a taiji/qigong exercise for all persons staying in the cabins to work out who sleeps where - we do not assign beds in the cabin :-). If you are sensitive to snoring and staying in the cabins, you might consider bringing earplugs.

If you have any questions or would like me to assist with calculating final payment, please email me at scott"at symbol"centerfortaiji.com.

Camp Location

Blowing Rock Conference Center, 1818 Goforth Rd, Blowing Rock, NC. Directions to the site are available here.

Transportation & Ride Sharing

Please refer to the getting to Blowing Rock camp page for detailed options on getting to the Blowing Rock conference center from the Charlotte, NC airport.

Training Location

We will train indoors in the Clapp Gym and outside in the mornings in an open area just south of the gym. It is a small campus and all areas are quickly accessible from lodging.


Please check-in between 3:00 and 5:30P EST at the Corriher Lodge. A check-in desk area will be located just inside the front door. At check-in you will receive a room key, t-shirt, name tag, and training schedule.

***Please turn in your key, and your name badge, at the end of camp.***

Meals and Lodging

Meals will be in the Dining Room in the Corriher Lodge. Our first meal will be dinner Sunday evening (Sept 9), and last meal will be lunch on Friday (Sept 14). Vegetarian options will be available and the cook will do her best to accomodate all special requirements.

Training Schedule

A tentative training schedule is available here. The week will be full of Taiji/Qigong training, but as always Yang Laoshi emphases the importance of nurturing and a "taiji nap" is planned for each day.

What to Bring

Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes with good exercise shoes. Weather is variable in the High Country. It can be hot and humid, but also quite cool, especially in the mornings. Bring layers of clothing and extra socks, as it may be cool/damp outside in the mornings. As rain is not unexpected in the mountains, an umbrella is a good thing to bring also. A checklist of items is available here.

Internet Access

The cabins and lodge common areas and lodge north wing are wired for wifi, though the south wing of the lodge is not.

Recommended Instructional Materials

Yang Laoshi's book Taijiquan, The Art of Nurturing, The Science of Power, the 4 hr. DVD Dr. Yang Yang's Evidence Based Taiji and Qigong Program, and the music CD Elixir, Music for Moving and Still Meditation are highly recommended for all persons wishing to become certified instructors. The materials may be purchased on-line through the Center for Taiji Studies web site or at camp. Please email me with any questions: scott'at symbol'centerfortaiji.com.

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