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Six Healing Sounds Video and Music CD
Elixir - Music for Moving and Still Meditation
Blurring Boundaries - Erhu Excursions

NEW! Six Healing Sounds DVD and Music CD

Using musically timed intervals as an aid to signal inhalation and exhalation, this unique music program is designed to both facilitate learning, and to deepen the practice, of the ancient six healing sounds qigong practice. For each sound, Ying has created meditation music centered around the chordal tonality of the sound. You may purchase the instructional DVD or accompanying music CD separately, or both at a discounted rate.

Instructional DVD: Video Preview

An approximate 1.5 hr video, this DVD includes the following sections:

  1. Introduction and History of Six Healing Sounds
  2. Fundamentals:
    • Posture (applicable for all qigong exercise)
    • Breathing - normal and reverse breathing for Six Healing Sounds practice, and instruction with graphic imagery on how to use the music to coordinate inhalation/exhalation with the music program
  3. Learn the Sounds - instruction in how to properly vocalize the six sounds, including information on correct facial structure and exhalation imagery (essential for effortless vocalization of the sounds). Following instruction and a key point summary, you may practice each sound 6 times with Ying in a short "follow me" practice
  4. "Follow Me" - an approximate 25 minute uninterrupted practice session including a brief (4 minute) meditation, followed by practice of all 6 sounds

DVD menu links are provided for each of the above sections, and a video sub-menu provides links to instruction for each sound as well as a "key point summary" for quick review of proper methods for vocalizing each sound.

Note: The methods for vocalizing each sound are in accordance with a national conference, held in 2003 in China, in which historians and qigong experts determined standard methods for Six Healing Sounds practice. The instructional DVD is highly recommended for those not familiar with the standard vocalization, facial structure, and exhalation imagery.

Six Healing Sounds Music CD:

For those wishing to practice anywhere you can play music,* this CD contains the "follow me" music program only. The CD contains 7 tracks, including an approximate 4 minute beginning meditation followed by each of the sounds in order: Xu, He, Hu, Si, Chui, and Xi. The tracks are uninterrupted by pause, but each track is individually accessible with your audio player track search function.

Note: The music CD does not contain instruction and is intended for those who are familiar with the standard methods for vocalization, facial structure, and exhalation imagery. Though no instruction is provided, inhalation/exhalation intervals should be fairly obvious after listening to the music.

*The Six Healing Sounds DVD and music CD are copyrighted materials and are sold for personal, private use only. Public use of these materials without a performance license from the Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies is a violation of national and international copyright laws. Performance licensing is available and required for any public performance, including instructors wishing to use these copyrighted materials in their classes. Contact us if your are interested in a performance license.

Six Healing Sounds DVD Six Healing Sounds Music CD Six Healing Sounds DVD and Music CD
Instructional DVD $29.99 Music CD $15.99 DVD+CD Combo Package
(=17.35% Discount)
International Shipping Fee
(Required for orders outside of the U.S.)

Elixir - Music for Moving and Still Meditation

Initially created for use in a Taiji intervention study at the University of Illinois, Elixir is a music CD for moving and still meditation practices. This CD is unique in that it was composed and performed in entirety by both a master traditional Chinese musician and longtime practitioner of qigong meditation.

Elixir - Music for Moving and Still Meditation
International Shipping Fee
(Required for orders outside of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.)
According to traditional Chinese medical theory, music has healing properties. Composed around "the five notes" (i.e., the pentatonic scale) and making use of both traditional Chinese instruments and modern synthesizers, Elixir is a mixture of traditional and contemporary Chinese music with beautiful melodies that may used as an accompaniment to your moving or still meditation practice or simply enjoyed for the beauty of the music. Some tunes were designed to help lead the practitioner to a state of quietude and peacefulness, while others are simply joyous musical expressions of the ineffable experiences and sensations of moving and still meditation.

Read more about the CD in the insert notes or composer notes, or more about the composer.

You may also preview .mp3 clips of the following songs:

  1. Lunhui (5:15)
  2. Wandering (4:05) - 0:36, 1.4MB sample clip
  3. Heaven, Human, Earth (5:26)
  4. Purification (7:30) - 0:38, 1.5 MB sample clip
  5. Circulation (14:38) - 3:38, 8.5MB sample clip
  6. Morning Immersion (6:02)
  7. Aspiring Emptiness (5:21)

Instructors or others interested in volume purchases may contact us for wholesale pricing.

Blurring Boundaries - Erhu Excursions

Blurring Boundaries - Erhu Excursions contains Ying's arrangements of traditional, signature pieces for the erhu, her own compositions that are a fusion of both various styles of Chinese music and Western classical, jazz, funk, and Nashville influences, and an arrangement of a classical American jazz tune that is especially beautiful on the erhu. Ms. Yang's virtuosity on the instrument is unmistakable on all of tunes.
Blurring Boundaries - Erhu Excursions
International Shipping Fee
(Required for orders outside of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.)

Song List:

  1. Uninhibited (4:59) - 1:18, 1.2MB sample clip
  2. Confiding in a Friend (7:36) - 1:09, 1.1MB clip
  3. 'Round Midnight (6:28) - 1:13, 1.2MB clip
  4. Sai Ma (Horse Race) (3:06) - 0:58, 0.9MB clip
  5. Jiang He Shui (Rivers of Tears) (7:06) - 0:55, 0.9 MB clip
  6. Funky Chinese Jig (4:19) - 1:12, 1.1MB clip
  7. Han Gong Qiu Ye (Autumn moon over the Han Palace) (6:55) - 1:20, 1.3MB clip
  8. Sanmen Gorge Cappricio (9:58) - 1:09, 1.2MB clip

Read more about each song in the liner notes.

You may also view additional information about Ms. Yang Ying at her web site.

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