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Grand Master Feng, 48 Form on VCD
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VCD 48 Form Cover Grand Master Feng's 48 Form on VCD
The 48-Posture Chen-Style Taijiquan in Mandarin Chinese - 2-disc set
(Part No. VCD-48Form)
Format VCD 2.0 Video CD

(The following descriptions are taken from the VCD disc covers. Please note that Mandarin Chinese is spoken in all VCDs, and not English.)

   VCD Contents:
The VCD of the 48-posture Chen-style Taijiquan consists of two parts. The first part introduces mainly ways to the mastery of Chen-style Taijiquan, posture-by-posture explanation of Chen-style Taijiquan as well as teachings of the 48-posture set by the master himself.

The second part introduces chiefly the fundamental internal Qi exercises of Taiji. Three Elements Gathering Vitality exercise, Opening and Closing exercise, the Sun and the Moon exercise and other stationary work and their detail explanations for defense as well as the exemplary performance of the 48-posture Chen-style Taijiquan by Master Feng.

To the broad masses of martial arts lovers and Taijiquan enthusiasts, the whole of the VCD is rare guidance material in Taijiquan theory, set exercise, self-defense, and health care. It is also a rare guidance material in preventing and treating diseases, protecting and strengthening health.


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