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Instructional materials and practice aids are available for purchase on line or via mail order using the form provided on the Mail Order Page. Secure credit card transactions are handled through PayPal. Click on the links above to view or purchase any of our video, book, or music products.

Electronic pdf AND Professionally Recorded Audiobook Versions of Dr. Yang Yang's Book Now Available!

A pdf version of Dr. Yang Yang's seminal book Taijiquan: The Art of Nurturing, The Science of Power is now available for download on our book page.

Also, the book is available as an audiobook in two formats: m4b and mp3. Further information is available here.

New DVD and Accompanying Music CD!

Six Healing Sounds by Yang Ying:

Using musically timed intervals as an aid to signal inhalation and exhalation, this unique music program is designed to both facilitate learning, and to deepen the practice, of the ancient six healing sounds qigong practice. For each sound, Ying has created meditation music centered around the chordal tonality of the sound. You may purchase the instructional DVD or accompanying music CD separately, or both at a discounted rate. Read more, or purchase the materials, on our music page. Here's a preview of the video:

New DVD! Yang Laoshi's new video of his evidence-based Taiji and Qigong research curriculum is now available from the videos page.

Dr. Yang's goal for this video was to produce the most detailed instructional video possible. The DVD documents Dr. Yang's program devised for research and which has been shown to quickly improve strength, balance, immune function, and quality of life in university randomized controlled trials. The DVD includes:

  • Over 2 hours of instruction for an introductory seven movement form that Dr. Yang created for research. Up to 25 minutes instruction is provided per form movement, and key points such as arm movement, chest opening/closing, waist turning, weight shifting, footwork, and silk-reeling are covered for each movement. Also included are applications, and explanations of applications for each movement.

  • 1.5 hours of instruction in sitting and standing meditation, moving qigong, lying-down qigong, and introductory push-hands practice.

    Here's a trailer/preview of the video:

    The Youtube URL for this video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Jr_spGKGhk - you are welcome to leave a comment about the video there. To purchase this or any of our videos, please visit the Video Page.

    Local students can save shipping by purchasing the items at class or by calling us and picking up the order yourself. International purchasers (i.e., those outside of the U.S.) are also welcome to save the shipping fees by picking up your orders, but if you wish us to ship the items to you you must also click on the international shipping and handling fee "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the books, music, or videos pages to add an additional international shipping charge.

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