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Yuan Shiming

I am sad to say that Yuan Shiming (1920 - 2002), one of my first teachers, recently passed away unexpectedly from complications arriving from surgery. Yuan Shiming was born in 1920 in Jincheng, Shanxi Province. As a young man, he worked in Anhui and Henan as a trading apprentice, and eventually moved to Jiaozuo in 1951. He started studying Taiji with Master Chen Qingzhou in 1964, and continued his practice and teaching until his death in 2002.

I had the opportunity to converse with Yuan Laoshi via letter just before his passing. He asked me to specifically tell people that life is short and precious, and that they should forget about their differences and focus on the positive. It is poignant that these were my last words of instruction from this teacher.

Yuan Shiming Yuan Laoshi was well respected in Jiaozuo, both as a person and a Taiji teacher, and he will be missed.

-Yang Yang.

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