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Thirty Silk Reeling Excercises
Yang Yang BioQiu Zhen YiTaijiquanRomanizationlineage

  1. Turning the head
  2. Revolving the neck
  3. Revolving the shoulders
  4. Strike the shoulders to the front and rear
  5. Left and right arm chan si
  6. Left and right arm spiraling chan si
  7. Double arms spiral chan si
  8. Double arms shun ni chan si
  9. Double arm diagonal opening and closing chan si
  10. Double arm straight spiral up chan si
  11. Double arm straight spiral down chan si
  12. Double arm straight spiral forward chan si
  13. Double arm straight spiral backward chan si
  14. Double arm straight spiral horizontal chan si
  15. Left up right down spiral chan si
  16. Right up left down spiral chan si
  17. Double arm opening and closing chan si
  18. Double elbow opening and closing chan si
  19. Left and right elbow shun ni chan si
  20. Twisting the wrist left and right
  21. Double twisting wrists
  22. Left and right spiral punch
  23. Rotating the abdomen and kidneys
  24. Rotating the waist
  25. Spiraling the waist
  26. Left and right knee spiral
  27. Double knee spiral
  28. Left and right chan si side kick
  29. Twisting the foot left and right
  30. Golden Cock shakes it wings.

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