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Gu Liuxin Biography
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Gu Luixin (Yang Laoshi studied on a weekly basis with Gu Liuxin (1908-1991) in Shanghai from 1980-1984. The following is a translation of Gu Liuxin's biography from his book Pao Cui (Hai Feng Press, Hong Kong, 1983):

Mr. Gu Liuxin was born in 1908. He was an internationally renowned the Taiji expert, and had visited many countries representing the Chinese government to teach Taiji. He visited Japan in 1977 and 1980, and his high level push-hands skill was well respected by Japanese Taiji community.

Master Gu started his martial art training when he was 11 years old. He spent more than sixty years practicing, visiting well accomplished teachers all over the country to continue his study, and studying theories from different schools. He was the Associate Director of the Shanghai Sport Science Institute, a Professor of Marital Arts, the Chairman of Shanghai Martial Art Association, and an editor of the Sport Edition of the Encyclopedia of China. He is the author of the following books:

  1. Chen Style Taijiquan. (1963, Beijing People Sport Press, co author with Shen Jiazhen);
  2. Taijiquan Studies. (1964, Beijing People Sport Press, co author with Tang Hao);
  3. How to Practice Taijiquan. (1974, Shanghai Sport Press);
  4. Taijiquan (1982, Shanghai Education Press).
Image courtesy of Mr. Yao-Sun Tong.

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