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Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang Biography
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Feng Zhiqiang As a young man in Hebei province, Feng Zhiqiang studied Shaolin from his uncle, Wang Yun Kai. Later, in Beijing, he learned Tong Bei Quan from Grandmaster Han Xiao Feng. (Han Xiao Feng was from Cang Zhou, Hebei province, which is a famous area for several martial arts.) He then studied Xinyi Quan from Grandmaster Hu Yaozhen and Chen Style Taiji from Grandmaster Chen Fake, both of whom taught him qin shou mi shou (closely and secretly).

Grandmaster Feng is recognized as a top student of Chen Fake. Chen Zhaokui, the youngest son of Chen Fake and a recognized Master of the 18th generation of the Chen family, had told Yang Yang that "if you want to learn push hands, you must study with my Taiji brother (Feng Zhiqiang) in Beijing."

Grandmaster Feng

Master Feng is truly a historic figure in the history of Taiji. He is the originator of Chen Shi Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan, a distinct training system that is mainly the combination of what he learned from Grandmasters Chen Fake and Hu Yaozhen. You can visit Master Feng's web page at www.hunyuantaiji.com.cn.

Before his training system evolved into a unique style, Master Feng was well known as the creator of the 48 movement form of the Chen style, which distilled the traditional "long form" by omitting replicate movements and incorporated additional movements from pao cui, the second routine of the traditional Chen style. He also created a set of 30 silk reeling exercises that are practiced throughout the world by practitioners of all styles of Taiji, and established the 12 Principles of Taijiquan that were first published in his book "Entering the Door of Chen Style Taijiquan", published by Peoples Sports Publishing House, Beijing, 1992. He is also well known for his set of 10 Hunyuan Qigong exercises.

Grandmaster Feng was named a national treasure by the Chinese government, and is sought world wide for his teachings.

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