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Chen Zhaopei Biography
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Chen Zhaopei Chen Zhaopei (1893-1972), one of the representatives of the 18th generation of Chen Style Taiji, was among the first to teach the Chen Style Taiji outside of the Chen Village. In 1928, he was invited to teach in Beijing, and in 1930 he was invited to teach in Nanjing.

In 1958, he returned to the Chen Village to teach the 19th generation, and was a primary instructor of the 'Four Tigers' of the 19th generation: Chen Xiaowang, Wang Xian, Chen Zhenglei, and Zhu Tiancai. He never stopped teaching and was awarded the title: 'Grand Taiji Master' at the national martial art convention in 1960.

He is remembered as a master of the art and man of high character, one who continued teaching the traditional art despite the persecutions of the cultural revolution.

Image courtesy of Cheng Jin Cai.

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