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Chen Qingzhou Biography
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(The following is an excerpt from material at http://members.fortunecity.com/chenfamilytaiji/profile_chen_qingzhou.html, courtesy of Tony Wong.)

Chen Qingzhou Chen Qingzhou is a 19th-generation lineage holder in Chen Family Taijiquan Gongfu and a direct descendant of the ancestral founder of Chen Village where Taijiquan originated. Born in 1934, he began training in Chen Family Old Frame under his father, Chen Wufang. He was later sent to study with the 18th-generation master, Chen Zhaopei, disciple of Chen Fake.

From his early youth, Chen Qingzhou had a tremendous love for Taijiquan. He practiced diligently and took careful notes of all he learned. As a result, Chen Zhaopei permitted him to teach after only one year of study and in 1962, granted him the status of rumen disciple.

Chen Qingzhou spent twenty years training and teaching in the Liberation Cemetery in Wenxian. Today, he teaches all over the world.

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