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About the Center for Taiji Studies
Mission Statement
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Founded by Yang Yang in 1996, the Center for Taiji Studies is committed to two purposes:

  • To share and promote the art of Taijiquan, and

  • To conduct research, publish results, and provide consultation services to the academic community for the purpose of discovering and elucidating the benefits and mechanisms of Taiji and qigong practice.
Yang Yang

Taijiquan is an ancient and holistic art form that includes exercise of the physical, mental, and spiritual. We believe that the art of Taijiquan is one of the greatest gifts that China has to share with the world and that, if practiced correctly, the potential benefits of this art are extensive (please refer to Testimonials for a sampling of the various benefits reported by students). An article in the August 5, 2002 issue of Time magazine referred to Taijiquan as "the perfect exercise."

Yang Yang's unique background comes from extensive study with several of the 18th generation masters of the Chen family style of Taijiquan and from his formal scientific training while earning a doctorate in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Illinois.

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